How to Improve Longevity of Sears Tires

Tips for Improve the Longevity of your Sears Tires

Most car owners do not give much attention to their tires until they fail. There are dozens of reasons why you should give your tires special attention before you experience tire failure at night. Sears tires are designed to contribute significantly to ones safety, better handling, increased fuel economy, stopping in all road conditions, to provide additional ride quality and maximum comfort.

With hundreds of sears tires available in a wide range of price, composition, construction and styles, choosing the right tires can be a tiring experience. To make the selection process more effective and easier, follow these tips.

1. Determine your need

Before you purchase sears tires, it is important to conduct a visual inspection of the old tires. If you see any discoloration, crackedsears tires sidewalls, bulging or excessive tread wear, it’s time for a new set of tires. Moreover, tires that are more than 10 years old should be replaced regardless of their condition. Remember, exposure to oxygen deteriorates rubber.

2. Ensure your car is properly maintained

Always inspect the old tires to probe for signs of uneven wear because it is an indication of suspension or alignment issues. Do the old tires feature more wear on the outside or the inside as opposed to an even wear across the entire width of the tread? Installing new tires on a car with bad shock or misaligned wheels is throwing money away. Firstly, the new set of sears tires will wear unevenly and quickly. Consequently, you will need a new set in a hurry. Alternatively, you can bring your car for an inspection by an impartial expert.

3. Check the information placard and owner’s manual

Every car manufacture makes recommendations about the type and size of tires that work best with the automobile. This information is found on the information placard and the owner’s manual. A car’s information placard is a legal requirement and it is a permanent attachment inside the trunk lid, on the glove compartment door, door post or door edge. In the event you do not have the owner’s manual, most car manufactures sell a replacement at an affordable price.

4. Unravel the tire code

The most confusing part of buying sears tires is deciphering the sidewall numbers. These numbers are part of a standardized code required by the federal law in order to identify and describe tires.

5. Consider the wheels

If the wheels are damaged or worn out, it is critical to buy a new set when replacing the tires. Besides appearance, there is more to consider when buying wheels. Firstly, accurately match the new wheels size to the original wheels of the car. Although bigger wheels might look fashionable, ensuring that the wheels and the new set of tires match requires complicated calculations that you may not do.

For example, the bigger the size of the wheel, the lower the aspect ratio of the tire one can use. To make the car turn and handle properly, the tires outer diameter must match that of the original tires. In case the wheels are bigger, you have to go for shorter sidewalls. Sears tires’ sidewall is critical to handling and extremely fundamental to noise and comfort. Although a shorter sidewall is great for sporty handling, it is hardly able to flex in the event of turning. Moreover, it is least suited to absorb pavement irregularities and bumps. Therefore, bigger wheels lead to a squirrelly car and harsher rides.

In case you must install bigger wheels on the car, it is cardinal to consult a specialist to advise on the best type and size of sears tires.

Buy a complete set of tires

1. Never cut corners by replacing the most worn out tires. Firstly, the design of modern suspension technology works best with matching tires. Replacing the whole set of tires enables one to achieve the greatest degree of predictable handling, safety, evaluate and repair problems before they worsen and facilitate better maintenance of tires.

2. Consider buying by catalogue or over the internet

Shopping over the internet can save you a significant amount of money when purchasing a new set of sears tires. Moreover, some online stores not only ship your new set of tires, but perform installation at a pre-negotiated price. Remember, new tires must be mounted on the rims, installed and balanced on your automobile. Additionally, the wheels should be aligned when you install new tires. These processes come with considerable costs. Nothing offers a great relief than online stores that provide these services once you purchase tires from them.

3. Properly maintain new sear tires

Inspect your new set of tires for proper inflation regularly. Proper inflation of tires greatly improves your tires longevity and gas mileage. Additionally, it is prudent to rotate sears tires every time you change oil regardless of whether they show any signs of wear.